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Defarkeling my 2020

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Defarkeling my Tracer 900gt for a trade in. First up are few things that shouldn't go with the bike. I'd rather they get to someone that appreciates them. 

CPU reflashed by Ivan's Performance. I personally can't compare it to anyone else's but I really can't see how this could be improved on. Absolutely flawless fueling, top end restrictions removed, rpm restriction increased by 300 rpm, cruise control restrictions removed( cruise through a school zone in 1st or 2nd gear at 20mph). He will unflash it for free should you ever want that. He can also make adjustments for different intake and exhausts- probably not free though. Plenty of tech data and performance info on his website. 

$125 and your cpu. He's now charging $350 for this.

Next up is the Penske/Traxxion Dynamics suspension. This was set up for a 200 lb. rider and leans toward the sport side of the sport touring equation. If you're a lot heavier or lighter you can talk to Dan at TD about some heavier or lighter springs-very helpful and knowledgeable guy.It has about 14,000 miles on it.

On the front it would really save us both a lot of work to do a fork swap. Send me $550 and your fork tubes and I'll send you my forks with the Traxxion Dynamics parts installed and the stock fork internals in a box. The parts from TD are $1500 plus shipping. 

Penske 8983 shock with remote reservoir. $550 plus shipping. This is $1315 plus shipping from TD.

If you want both ends I'll let them go for $1000 and I'll pick up the shipping on the shock.

Seat Concepts. I have a Seat Concepts comfort foam and cover kit on the stock pan. I can send you the foam and cover as it came from SC for $125 plus shipping or we could do a seat swap. This is $270 at SC. They also sell a matching cover (but no foam) for the passenger seat but I didn't get that. 

More to come but I'm tired of typing right now. 

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That is an insanely good price for the suspension.  I have the same Traxxion Dynamics spec'd Penske 8983 shock and it is AMAZING.  I can only imagine that their fork setup is equally impressive. 

Somebody is going to have a VERY well set up ride!!  GLWS.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Pick location is about 50 miles south west of Chicago 

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Everything is gone but the cpu. A member wanted it but he did his homework and discovered that the cpus for the 2019 and the 2020 are not interchangeable. Different part numbers. So this cpu will only work in a 2020 model.

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