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Edgar Jessop 12

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SOLD MY tracer 900 GT after 5 years fantastic bike , but i did do a few changes over the years.

Bought a 2023 Tracer 9 GT.  At 77 and always with my wife as pillion starting to struggle a little bit.

The main problem is my wife has a bad hip and is only 5ft 1in tall, she needs lower rear foot rests but they are no good if they take your foot further backwards as well. Any ideas would be a great help. I found some German ones that looked fantastic they were fully adjustable but only sold in Germany and not available over the internet.  T.I.A.

Cheers Edgar Jessop ( U.K. )



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Check on ebay & Amazon for adjustable rear foot pegs.

I'm a solo pilot, ass or grass no one rides for free or with me...

I run adjustable pilot pegs, and there are a few designs.

Look for the ones that rotate around the peg cradle. They come in 1 inch to 2 inch strut lengths. 

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The Tracer 9 GT is different to the Tracer and the Tracer 900 GT.

But thank you for your reply. I had adjustable ones on my 900 GT. 

Found some that lower the footrests but also takes them slightly backwards, and no good for my little 5ft 1in partner.

Will keep looking, did find some great ones on Ebay in Germany, got in touch and they said sorry the strut parts are collection only.  WTF.

Cheers Edgar Jessop.

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