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Howdy from Oklahoma City


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I've been looking at the FJ09 for about a month now and just put my 2013 ninja 1000 on craigslist so as soon as it sells I may just pull the trigger on one. Wish me luck!
You've got me curious as to what you see as a reason to go from the Ninja 1000 to the FJ.  They are often compared to each other.  Is there some specific feature(s) of the Ninja you're unhappy with?  Is (are) there specific qualities/features of the FJ that you find so compelling?  Have you test ridden an FJ?
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I get a different bike every year so nothing against the ninja. I do like the taller stance of the FJ and with the right tires and suspension changes it can be set up better as an adventure bike where as the ninja can never go that direction. A super tenere is still on my short list too. I will be looking for a used FJ09 once the ninja sells due to the fact that I go through too many bikes to go new. I rode an FZ09 and loved the motor,just the motor. Had a Triumph 1050 tiger and speed triple before the ninja and love triples. Time will tell
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