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What not to do, the night before you head off on a bike trip

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Decide it would be a good time to 'adjust' the chain, and install a secondary usb power port!
SO i decided to so the above, and sure enough, the bike fell off the rear stand .... sending the bike sideways onto the tree!
Had  a quick look around, but besides a small scratch on the fairing (barely noticeable), all looked fine! ... SCORE!!!! :)
1/2 an hour later, i went to change and noticed a MASSIVE bruise on my leg and blood. Damn, the rear stand caught my leg on the way down.
Moving forward til 5:50am, as i was setting off .... BING! Engine light is on, as is Oil and ABS lights? 
When to stop, and my rear brake lever bottomed out! *grrr*
limped back home to discover brake fluid all over my swingarm and rear tyre. AND the brake line bend, as was the ABS line (which I later found to be broken)
AND to top it off, I scratched my RIM :(
Well, thankfully i had a spare brake line, so swapped it over, bleed the brakes and gave her a good clean.
I had no ABS (no great loss) .... but heated grips would only go to low setting, and dash all but gave up (only lights, fuel and temp would work)
1/2 an hour later, was back on my way and caught up with group at the Eurotunnel!
Lesson learnt! 
I did find a used rear abs sensor on ebay for a MT09ABS (non-tracer), but hopefully it'll be compatible? 1/3 the cost of new, so worth a try. 
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Wow! But you seemed to have enjoyed it nonetheless. Wessie and I will be heading off to Europe this weekend, and we'll make our way back via Brugge/Bruges. He is planning to load his Givi side cases with fresh mussels.
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Zine - Looks like a fun trip! That appears to be a very interesting windscreen you have there. Care to share some info?
And yes, never do anything at the last second. Last year my friend decided his VFR was running hot (which it had done for years). Tore it down, but couldn't get it back together without it leaking. So he missed our 9 day ride.
2015 FJ-09
2006 Triumph Daytona 675
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Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Very brave to admit it on a forum where fellow brits, could, potentially, give (friendly) ridicule.  Not that I would...of course.  (  I have a few tails of my own KTM990 related.  I dropped that three times in the first week in Switzerland) But glad you got on your trip..albeit after a lot of hassle. 
...what, exactly, is she describing to her friend?

Honda SS50, Kawasaki Z200, Honda 400/4, Yamaha TDM900, Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, KTM 990 Adventure, BMW R1200GS, Mr Stevens, and my favourite of all: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer...a bit like FJ-09 only properly named :¬P
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I was thinking the exact same thing!
I guess these Belguim girls only like it 'SMALL' objects! ... Or that is only how much she can SWALLOW! :)
About my mishaps ... it happens to the best of us, and i'll be the first to admit my mistakes!
I don't care if people ridicule me. What goes around, comes around!  :D
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