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What is the most gas you have put in fj?


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What is the most gas (USG) you've put in your fj-09?  And how full did you fill it?
The most I've put in is 4.2 gallon filled up to bottom of level with holes.  I drove only 10 miles while flashing so I know I had more.  Just wondering how much more to make those tough decisions when on trips.
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Biggest fill up I've had is227 miles and 4.522 gallons. I believe I want almost 30 miles after the low fuel warning started. Would be nice to have a bit more, but this is decent range in my book.
Where did you fill it to in relation to the baffle with the round holes?   
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I always fill until the fuel fills all the holes in the bottom of the baffle.  I have run the tank until the bike stopped.  It then took 4.831 US gallons to fill.  The 'reserve' capacity after the fuel emblem begins to blink is 0.675 US gallons.  I hope this helps.
2008 Street Triple G
2015 FJ-09
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