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Anyone have any leads on a good price for OEM heated grips?

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I cancelled my original order (ordered when I bought the bike) after 6 months of waiting, and was going to go aftermarket, but lucked into a brand new set for sale on a forum at a good price. They are expensive, but worth it, IMHO. The integration is fantastic, and the install very easy.
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I had the OEM grip heaters I stalled recently and agree with the above. They are expensive, but I feel the integration makes it a worthwhile investment. I love being able to control it via the OEM switchgear. We will see how I feel about their efficacy come fall and winter when they get more use.
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Did you buy your FJ-09 new from a dealer? Mine gave me a discount card for 15% off any OEM accessories.
I did buy mine new.  They told me $260... told them they were full of shet.  :)
$231.52 with shipping
$237.31 with shipping
BikeBandit (Don't know why I didn't check here since I've ordered parts for my Katana from them)
$224.35 w/ free shipping
Don't carry them :(
Range from $249-$280 (shipping varies)
Looks like I'm going with Bike Bandit.  
Thanks everyone!
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