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Hello from Ye Olde England


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Just put my deposit down yesterday on a new tracer. I was aiming to buy second hand, but needed pcp.
The pcp offer on a new bike was on a much better interest rate, which meant the bargain ex demo I had negotiated was actually no cheaper than a brand new one!! 9.6% interest on used vs 6.4% on new!! No brainer.
So for the first time in my life, I will be the first owner of a bike (or car for that matter)!!!
Extremely happy. Went for new mistral grey colour. In the flesh I thought it was black until I got up close. Almost iridescent like TVR paint - it changes shade depending on the light.
Got heated grips and givi rack for my long term pal - my e52 givi box.
Next purchases:
Mobile phone holder
Gold or white rim tape
Panniers (undecided)
Maybe some decals
Daylight running lights
Bike History:
Ktm 990SM (my 7yr long term love)
And last but certainly not least - GROM!!
Loving the huge quantities of info on this site. It's keeping me sane while my bike gets prepped. Hoping to pick up next week, before weekend.
Thanks in advance for helping with my ignorant questions!!
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Re the colour - yeah, i get pretty OCD with my research and I couldnt find any others to compare. Doesnt look amazing in pics but in the flesh it was enough to persuade me to turn away from blue wheels and blue forks (and that's not easy). Cant wait for pick up. Date tbc.
I think the SV must go down as one of the greatest bikes of all time. Sound, torque, feel, bullet proof (apart from eating through alternators and occasional carb icing). Wonderful bike.
Ktm 990sm is the daddy of them all. If they made them now I would just buy another one!! Or the T variant.
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I bought the same colour MT from a dealer in Lancashire in May, its ace!
With regard to the daytime running lights , I have the OEM LED indicators fitted which include running lights. I also had the OEM spotlights fitted, but I would not have bothered if I had seen the LED indicators before pickup.
I also think this a great site, however the other half does not agree due the amount of parcels arriving through the door!
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Guest reeseyboy
Hmmm... oem led indicators include running lights you say...  
I wouldn't bother with these, to be honest. Both of my rears have broken off (fixed with glue and heat shrink sleeving) and one of the rears misted up so badly, it has just spent a week in the airing cupboard in a container with silica gel! No warranty claim as I didn't buy them directly from Yamaha, despite them being a Genuine Yamaha Accessory! The British weather will kill them! 
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Congrats on your purchase!!!
Personally, I didn't both with DRL but invested the money in Rigid Industries spot lights (I do a lot of long distance riding). They work a treat!
Happy shopping.

Kimmie......the lady who likes to take little detours :)

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Hi and welcome, hopefully you've got your Tracer by now and can take advantage of the summer this week!

Will keep an eye out for you, I saw one in your colouring at Whiteways Cafe, Bury on Sunday - nice
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  • 2 weeks later...
10 days in, 900miles on the clock.
No buyers remorse. Tested the "naughty" high speed cruising today for the first time as I had to make up for lost time thanks to a detour on my 65m commute. Very impressed.
Other than that, I have mostly cruised at 5000rpm (roughly 75-78mph and 58mpg).
Screen is shiiite, but I knew that going into it. Everything else is bang on for the money. Heated grips are extremely good. Got my e52 givi on. Handled +100mph when tested on private road.
Havent leaned it over too far yet as it takes me a while to fully adjust to a bikes cornering balance. I need to adjust the suspension to my size and weight but to fair I could live with it as is. Front wheel feels a bit vague occassionaly and the early throttle on/off can cause a lurch or to run wide but I was fairly used to that from my old bike.
I can pick up the front in second off the clutch but havent revved to red line to see if I can do the same in third (but I am NOT a wheelie fiend - just like to float the front a little coming out of corners).
Anyway, I could go on. It's not perfect, but for the money it is fantastic.
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