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Acerbis X-Tarmac Handguards

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After realizing that the stock "hand guards" don't do anything functional, I took them off.  In fact, they hit my National Cycle VStream shield on the higher setting.  
I came across the Acerbis X-Tarmac Handguards.  These are not designed for protection, but comfort to keep cold and rain off the hands...like a hand guard is supposed to do in my opinion.  What I like the most about these is the ease of installation...one bolt.  If you buy the universal kit, to look right, you'll have to buy a stainless allen M8 1.25 x 30 (I can't right now remember the length, could be 40).
What I like:  
[ul type=disc][*]They adequately solve the problem of protecting wind and rain, although I used to have a vstrom with really great weather protection guards.  These don't seem as large and effective but... [*]They look awesome on the FJ-09, with carbon fiber finish[*]Ease of installation[*]Price is fair[/ul]
What's not to like I guess:
[ul type=disc][*]Since they only connect to the bars at one end, you have to be careful washing the bike, etc not to twist them around, but so far they seem quite robust. [*]The "light bar" in them seems like a better idea than actual use.  I cut the wire, figuring I'll never hook the light up to the bike.  But for someone wanting more accent lighting this might appeal to them.[/ul]
If you buy them at PartsGiant.com for msrp $143.93, call 888-575-6570 and buy item 343315 with the "Street Skills" discount and save 5-10% (not exactly sure but it will be in that range).
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Thanks for the report, those look like a nice upgrade.
It's strange that you mention the stock handguards hitting the V-Stream windshield though. I have that same windshield and there is no contact with the handguards. Did you move your handlebars forward?
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