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New Vendor Introduction


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It's probably best to formally introduce one's self before plopping into the conversations. With that said, Rob had asked us to join the community recently - we were thrilled with the prospect of supporting such an eclectic and well-versed audience. I hope we can give back to the community, and we'll strive to be available here as well as via our phone, website, and email.
But enough about that. We're a family-owned/operated business that has been knee deep in the business for the past 5+ years. Although a few people have come and gone over the years as we grew, we remain focused on what we do best: customer service and technical support; afterall, we have a strong engineering background. Initially, we started producing fender eliminator kits for select Buell models. Over time, the customer base grew, and so did our product offerings. As soon as was feasible, we began offering our 'passion' of premium suspension and chassis components. Today, this remains our core business unit and one we take seriously. We're proud of the work we do and products we provide - nothing makes us happier than hearing how pleased customers are with their bike's handling.
Today, we're heavily invested in the Yamaha FZ line of bikes. The FZ-09 started it all. That sweet triple was enough to sway focus from Triumph's offerings, and we were hooked the moment we twisted the throttle. Similarly, we always loved Yamaha's CP2 engine in the Super Tenere - in fact, we were the first to offer front/rear suspension offerings for it. So, we were naturally intrigued by the smaller FZ-07. And from there, things have progressed to the XSR900, and FZ-10.
And so here we are - stay in touch while we do our best to support the community. Although we sold our FZ-09 and FZ-07 this summer to make way for our current FZ-10, we're here to help!
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  • Supporting Member
Thanks for coming to the site, and good luck. I tried going to your site to look at products. It was all but unreadable on an Android phone with small, black text on a gray background.
It would also help to organize your site by model since our looks like you have unique FZ-07, 09, and 10 offerings.
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Guest fzrcraig
If I could make a constructive suggestion it would be to list products for the FJ-09 separately in its own category. I realize that some components are the same as the FZ, but when it comes to suspension, there are differences.
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The mobile site isn't so hot, but it does work.  Until we get something figured out (it'll be a while), use the site on your computer. 
The site is broken down by model - which again, will be clearer on the computer.
Will you be adding the FJ-09 as a model too?
FJ-09, 690 Enduro R.
Back Roads. Period.
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