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Renthal R4 SRS Road 525 Chain


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This is my first chain replacement in about 20 years because my last bike had shaft drive. I haven't seen a chain review here so I thought I'd start one with what I've learned so far. I am sure that many of you could add pages of chain knowledge, but here goes.
The FJ09 uses an O-ring chain, 525 pitch, with 110 links. Mine lasted only 13K miles, which was disappointing. I didn't want to replace it with the same OEM chain, and then again in 13K miles.
I chose a long-life chain with good value, the Renthal R4 SRS Road 525 Chain. Renthal claims that their self-regulating seal (SRS) improves longevity compared to O-ring and X-ring chains.
I bought it from Sport Bike Track Gear because they have a good price at $125. 
I also ordered a basic steel 16-tooth drive sprocket from Sprocket Center
The problem that I did not anticipate is that the Renthal chains use a solid rivet pin, which means that the inexpensive chain rivet tools will not work. So instead of using the $30 chain rivet tool that I had already bought from Cycle Gear, I had to buy the Motion Pro Jumbo chain tool AND the Quad Stake Rivet kit. Having to spend another $140 for a rivet tool kit somewhat ruined the value proposition of the Renthal chain. So I hope to get crazy good mileage out of this chain.
If I had known about the tool issue before I bought the chain, then I probably would have purchased a D.I.D. or EK. Those brands use hollow rivet pins that are easier to install with an inexpensive rivet tool.
I have ridden just one day so far with the new chain. All I can say about its performance so far is that it is much quieter and smoother than my old worn-out chain.
Here are a few other observations:
   A few items are required to remove the sprocket: a 30mm socket and an air impact gun. 
   The gold color of the chain doesn't exactly match the color of the forks, but now the forks aren't the only gold on the bike.
   The grease that comes on the chain is really thick and sticky. I tried to wipe it off and didn't have much success. Now it is flinging off while riding and sticking all over. Yuck!

2015 red FJ-09: Cal Sci screen, Sargent seat, ECU flash, slider combo, cruise, Rizoma bars, Matts forks, JRi shock, slipper clutch

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So it's been nearly a year. Are you satisfied with this chain? I recently replaced the oem chain at 26,600 along with some other maintenance and replaced it with an EK chain. 

I am satisfied with the Renthal R4 SRS chain so far. I have put only 6000 miles on it since installing, which is less than half of what I put on the original chain. I am treating it the same, which is not very well, and it is performing fine. I'll reserve final judgment for another 6000 miles.

2015 red FJ-09: Cal Sci screen, Sargent seat, ECU flash, slider combo, cruise, Rizoma bars, Matts forks, JRi shock, slipper clutch

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My chain also only lasted just shy of 12k miles (Florida Alaska Florida) and purchased the top of the line DID (in gold of couse), JT front and +2 Supersprox stealth rear. All 525. We'll see...
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Just ordered the chain / sprocket replacement kit for the FJ09 2015:
Vortex Chain & Spkt Kits CK64533567-16    $219.99


Finally replacing the stock chain after the 2,000 mile journey this last summer the OEM DID chain stretched > 2"....lost confidence in the old chain now:-[

Still only 16k miles and lovin' it!


'82 Yamaha Virago 920 safe but no so fun '84 Honda Magna V45 750- real speedy machine '90 Honda ST1100 [opps-crashed that bad boy- she went down like a large buffalo] '92 Yamaha Virago 750- not so fun '94 Honda Nighthawk 750-kinda fun '04 Yamaha VStar 1100- slow boat 2005 BMW RTP1150 cop bike-fun diversion 2015 FJ09 red- best yet!!
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Chain on my 2020 Tracer GT made it 11,000 miles.  May have gone longer but had several stiff links and didn't want to risk it on a 6,000 mile trip.  Replaced it with a DID X ring which looks like new.  Replaced front and rear sprockets just because!  The originals had very little to no signs of wear and have been placed in the spare parts bin.  I added a ScottOiler so I could make sure the rear of my bike is filthy at all times - LOL just kidding.  It has done a great job of keeping the chain lightly lubed.  Trip turned out to be 6,400 miles and now it has 7,000 plus miles on it and still looks like new.

The DID came with a clip type master link which parted ways somewhere along the trip.  Looked at it several times but when I returned it was MIA.  I remember hitting something on the road that was maybe a wadded up expansion joint silicone or something.  It brushed my foot pretty good and may have knocked it off.  I prefer a rivet master link but none was available and was happy to just get a chain as they seemed to be out everywhere in early August.

SocttOiler does a good job of keeping the chain lubed but is a bit fiddly.  Flow too high and it will put enough on the inside of he rear wheel that it will start flowing over the side and onto the sidewall.  Did that a couple of times on 450+ mile days.  Once adjusted it was fine but I would still wipe the inside of the wheel to keep the buildup from accumulating.   Spray lube will also fling off and get on stuff - typically I put it on at the end of the day when the chain is warm and then wipe chain down the next morning.  At the end of a long days ride it is hard to remember sometimes.  

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