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Am I the first from Ukraine?


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Hello everybody! I'm Dan. And I'm from Ukraine :)
I just bought the used Tracer which came to me from Swiss. I never thought about Yamaha - had a lot of test rides last autumn (new africa twin, bmw r1200r and s1000xr, multistrada, harleys). But when I saw Tracer I felt that I have to buy it :) Even without test cause its minus 15 now in Kiev and a lot of ice on the roads...
So. I will ask this question in ECU reflash thread also, but... Is here in Europe such a smart guys like 2wheeldynoworks? 
And one more question. I'm tryin to find previous owner of my Tracer cause I bought it from intermediary. All pages are empty in Service Book. And bike was hit to headlamp in really strange way. I want to understand how it happened. According to docs its Jean-David Da Silva from Lausanne, Swiss. Anybody knows him? Is he forum member?
Thank you, guys. Spring is coming! 
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Welcome sheridan! You'll (maybe) be glad to know that you're already ahead of the US as far as the ECU, euro bikes don't have the 115mph top speed limited by the ECU.
Power delivery is another aspect to the ECU flash, but also look into Kev's O2 controller for throttle response: http://fj-09.org/thread/1854/o2-controller-closed-loop-area
Ride safe, she's quicker than you think!
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Welcome aboard. When summer comes, please feel free to share your riding area stores (complete with pictures of course).
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