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Growing up so fast.

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Well, my FJ is in the shop for its first 1000km service. She's growing up so fast! 
I was so impressed when I dropped it off. The mechanic was outside waiting for me, and came right up when he saw the bike. Shook my hand, introduced himself, and told me his story. He's probably late 40‘s and has been working there since the shop opened. He was totally excited, because he loves the FJ. He said he found out yesterday he'd be working on it, and did some reading up overnight. He's serviced a bunch of FZ's, but this was his first FJ, and he'd heard nothing but amazing things. He recommended going right to synthetic oil, and said there was no reason to wait until 1600km to go synthetic on a modern bike. He recommended a Kawasaki brand 10W40 (I think). 
I mentioned the CCT noise, and right away he said he read a bulliten about that for the FZ and would make sure to investigate it for me. Much better experience than others have had where it sounds like dealers brushed this off as being nothing. 
That is the type of service that gives me confidence. 
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Guest eatpasta
An enthusiastic mechanic is a good mechanic. It's not just a job, it's passion.
a good friend of mine is a BMW car mechanic here in Los Angeles.  He was very enthusiastic about it until BMW started shooting itself (and its people) in the foot with its current direction     now he's miserable
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Keep us informed about the CCT and what the mechanic thinks about that.
He said that a certain amount of noise is way too common on bikes for manufacturers to deem it an actual problem. He adjusted it per the Yamaha bulletin for the FZ-09, and while I wouldn't say it's silent, it's a little better. He showed me the difference by loosening it, and it was WAY louder (far louder than before I took the bike in), so I think the noise I'm hearing is just my OCD kicking in more than anything. It was nice that he at least took the time to show me the difference rather than just saying it's good and walking away.  
He said you don't want to tighten it too much either, or that can cause long term wear problems. Bottom line, he guaranteed that what I'm hearing is not a problem in any way other than an audible noise, and that it does have Yamaha's latest revision of the CCT in it.
He also said that at 1000KM, it's tough to really know if there's a problem with the CCT and wants me to monitor it. If it gets louder, then it's a sign that the CCT is backing out. If it doesn't, then it's holding firm like it's supposed to.
I'm curious to watch how this problem evolves on the 'known issues' thread.
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