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Hello from Baaahstin!

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Hey folks!
New here and don't even have an FJ-09. ...yet
Just wanted to say I actually read the rules and GOOD FOR YOU!
For the love of god- please give me a nice pleasant haven where I don't have to hear whining about politics, religion, or just general hate.I've been a Guzzi guy for years and the good folks at Wildguzzi have the same (strictly enforced) policy. It works great and pretty much everyone there is a gent.
.oh- and I live on the coast north of Boston in the tiny town of Marblehead. I work with boats so if anyone needs some inside advice there, let me know.
I look forward to getting to know y'all and some thanks in advance for the advice.
"Who's the cat who won't cop out, when there's danger all about?" -Isaac Hayes
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Welcome from another New Englandah. I live in Downeast Maine, right on the water. We have a boat or three here too. :)
Don't have anything to do with 'em personally, I have a firm policy about going out of sight of land on anything smaller than a Spruance class destroyer...
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welcome @boatdetective (great screen name, by the way)
In honor of your pending FJ-09 purchase, I'm going out for a ride on this gorgeous 70 degree day.   Houston summers are brutal, but the upside is a 12-month a year riding season. 
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us. No politics here, unless it's about which motorcycle or upgrade is the best.....
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