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2017 FJ-09 Review and Discussion

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Hello all!
Lately I've been searching for 2017 FJ-09 content pretty religiously, and I finally found another good English review.

Looks like the 2017 has:
- New suspension?
- Slipper clutch/slip assist
- Adjustable TCS
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In the U.S. there is no mention of upgraded suspension on the FJ, only the FZ. I am glad to see it finally getting black fork legs, at least in Europe/Asia? I am not a fan of gold forks.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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I love reading reviews about the FJ-09, even the ones where they just throw it in a match up against 4cylinder bikes only to give the FJ-09 the best reviews... one thing in common amongst the reviews is how easy/fun/effortless/just the right amount oomph the little CP3 motor has...not to mention the exhaust notes and the engines ability to climb the rev range like toddler who just had his first Rockstar energy drink ?
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2015 fj-09- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich tune by 2WDW @120whp
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