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Hey all,
Took the plunge on a new red '15 FJ09. Got it for $7070, then add tax and title on it however much that is going to be. From the otd thread, seems like I did ok. 
Also have a '99 speed triple. That was my 2nd bike. Bought in '13 with 19k miles, now it's close to 40k. Basically rebuilt that thing from the ground up. Little bit torquier than the FJ believe it or not, but not as big of a top end it seems. FJ is loads smoother. The speedy showed me what I really wanted from a bike, and the FJ was the closest new bike in my price range. 
Right now just looking to get hard bags and call it done. Main reason for the FJ was I felt more comfortable taking it long distances, I like the abs and tc, felt good on the highway (I'll be doing a lot of super slabbing) and I like the hard bag option. I went with the YES extended plan or whatever so I have 5 years and unlimited miles of coverage.
See ya on the forums
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got some saddlebag supports I found on fleabay. Probably should have searched the forum for something known to work, but we'll see how these do. They look fine, and should work with my cortech sport bags.
Also ordered a tank ring for my givi tank bag. I'll be all set :)
Should look a little less ridiculous than this
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