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Consider donating a % of your selling price to forum admin


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Cruizin needs our financial support to launch the new forum version. He's got the teespring thing going which will net him a few bucks, but a continuous revenue stream is required.
On another motorcycle forum that I frequent it is common in the classifieds section for sellers to donate a percentage of their sales price to admin; 10% is standard. The fact is these transactions would not happen without Cruizin.
We enjoy a professionally managed, trouble-free experience. He also has our backs on security. Paying for what we use is the right thing to do.

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I'm 100% on board with this suggestion.  I have something for sale until the Northeast Section.  I am happy to donate 10% upon sale.  This form is valuable to me and I appreciate the work that goes into it. It is a painless for the users thanks to Cruizin.
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