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I'll start, although these are just my opinions - others can add or disagree.....
1) fun bike to ride with lots of juice
2) Bike can do a lot - Riding in the city, commuting, light touring, long rides
3) Low price to purchase
4) Low maintenance costs, and easily a do-it-yourself type of bike - most things can be done without taking it to the dealer
5) Can ride off road, although you need to be careful of the low oil pan
6) Good gas mileage
7) Decent Range ~200 miles
8) Capable of riding 2-Up
1) Windscreen is noisy and creates buffetting, a lot of folks replace it
2) Seat isn't the most comfortable - although many folks like it
3) Need window extender to see properly behind you
4) Not really a con, but an ECU flash will improve the performance of the bike significantly
5) Issues reported on some, but not all bikes (I haven't had any of these issues - knocking on wood)
   a) Cracked side panels - I haven't experienced this, but others have
   b) Cam Shaft issues
   c) Oil pan issues - low point on the bike
   d) Clutch cable wears out quickly
   e) Paint issue on handlebar connection (recall under warranty)
I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff, but you can read through the forum and find all the news fit to print. I wouldn't trade mine for the world. Love the versatility, and I have changed a few things to make it work for me.
Good luck!
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