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First day ride on new MT-09 Tracer


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Today's ride was my first decent outing on my new (as at May 25th) MT-09 Tracer. In 27ºC (81ºF) balmy sunshine after a cooler start, it made a mockery of the fact that the official start to winter – as it is laughingly called here – is only three days away!
My ride today covered about 300km as I headed into the hills and lakes to the NW of Brisbane. Road surfaces were varied, the terrain hilly, undulating, twisting, winding, ideal for running-in.   The Brisbane Valley Highway follows the snaking river and the road's condition ranged from poor and broken (much like myself!) to smooth and comfortable.
After a not-too-brief coffee stop at a well-known biker-friendly bakery at Fernvale I continued riding north towards the tiny and pretty village of Toogoolawah, where I took this pic. Toogoolawah is said to be an Aboriginal word for ‘a bend’ – as in a tree or river – but I’m often a bit suspicious of these claims of indigenous origin – too often they have a European early-settler flavour!
I’m pleased with the bike’s much-improved ex-factory suspension settings, and will hold off on any further tweaking – if at all – until everything is bedded-in nicely. But if the suspension pleased, the OE seat did [strong]not[/strong]. It is a torture device that should be banned by the UN as inhumane. I have a Seat Concepts seat kit on its way and cannot wait to get it.
I’m also very pleased to be reacquainted a new '016 Tracer, with the general ‘flickability’ and seemingly much lighter weight of the 09 compared to my last BMWs – a 1200R Roadster and 1200GS – both fine bikes but becoming a bit heavy and unwieldy for this skinny feeble geriatric.
The bike is now half-way to its first 1000km service, and I look forward to much farkling as the stuff I’ve ordered is delivered. This is mainly aimed at increased [strong]safety[/strong] – front hi-viz LEDs; rear flashing brake-light (the more audible Stebel Magnum horn has already been fitted); or enhanced [strong]comfort[/strong] (apart from the seat) – Grip Puppies; rubber-insert footpegs.
Happy days!

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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