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New member from Brazil


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Hello guys, I am a new member, from Brazil!!!
I just bought, a week ago, my MT-09 Tracer 2017, or FJ-09 as some of you know it.
I came from a BMW F800GS bought in 2013 and very well enjoyed for 56k km.
Now with The Tracer, it's already 990km! Ready for the first mandatory maintenance, at 1,000km .
The bike is excellent, but I could not enjoy all the fun because I am respecting the orientation of the manual to not ride for a long time above 5,600rpm in the first 1,000km.421b839d1efe88cb19754565ce209dd8.jpg
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Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the new bike. Break-in is frustrating, but you will be pulling wheelies, and revving up to 10K rpm in no time.
Enjoy the bike!
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Nice. Where in Brazil? When I read motorcycle magazines down there (haven't been in years) most riders of bigger bikes seem to be around Sao Paulo.
You are right! Most of them are located around São Paulo state. I live here, but near the coast, in a city called Guarujá.
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