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Hello From South Central PA


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Hello all, thanks for the add. This is going to be a long winded post, so sorry for that. I am working on narrowing down my choice for my next motorcycle and I am really intrigued by the FJ 09. Currently I ride an 08 BMW R1200R, which is a fine bike, but I am done with BMW's for a while of not for good. (Too expensive to fix out of warranty.) Also I am 46 with about 25 years of riding experience, and have had knee, hip, elbow surgeries from a life of too much physical abuse, so I need a machine that put's me in the upright riding position. I am currently recovering from ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel surgery. Getting old sucks. 
So basically my criteria are a motorcycle that is upright(ish), looks good, is good quality/reliable, fun to ride, versatile, and won't break the bank. Also nothing European. They are amazing machines but reliability and cost of ownership is a huge factor for me.
I was looking at the FJ1300 and the Concours 14, but they are too heavy and too sporty of a riding position. That's just my opinion so mileage may vary. I am also looking at the newly redesigned V Strom. It looks like a really nice machine, but after hearing one moto journalist describe it as a black lab of motorcycles, "it will do what you tell it to do all day, but it won't knock your socks off," it didn't tick the "fun to ride" box for me. I have also abandoned any illusion that I will be riding a 500+ pound motorcycle on some round the world off road odyssey ala Long Way Round. :-)
So my research has brought me to the so called adventure sport touring type of machines, and the Versys 1000 and the FJ 09. Honestly I think the Versys is as ugly as a mud fence. No offense to any Versys owners. So that brought me to the FJ 09. I have been watching videos and reading tons of forum posts and online reviews. I am hoping to at least see one in person this weekend, and take a test ride as soon as I can find one that I can ride.
I am looking forward to learning from everyone on this forum. Ride safe.
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pizzmor - like you I have been a BMW Roadsterer for many years.   Came off one onto the FJ-09/ MT-09 Tracer.   You will find a HUGE difference between the two bikes.   I wanted (getting on a bit now at 78) lower, lighter, 'funner'.   The Tracer delivers it all, with emphasis on lighter - flickabilty on the road, manoeuverability in the garage - and 'funner'.   I find myself going for a ride just to go for a ride, something that I rarely did on my many BMWs, excellent though they are in many ways.   The Yamaha is appreciably cheaper to buy too, though I cannot vouch for costs of maintenance out of warranty.
Of course, the budget price brings in many ways a budget bike, but the basis is there to tweak and farkle to your heart's content to bring it to where you want it to be. 
Enjoy the test ride and give us all your impressions afterwards.

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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Sounds like you have found your bike. Like wordsmith says, it is lighter and much more maneuverable than the BMW, and much more fun. I ride with a friend that has the R1200R, and the FJ-09 is lighter, and more fun than the BMW. (his words, not just mine) The one thing that can be an inconvenience, is the range of the FJ-09 is only about 200 miles.
Hope you fine what you want.......
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FJ-09 good for riders our age (78). light weighteasy to handle on and off, goes onto centerstand with ease,upright riding position may require after marketwindscreen. I chose V-Streamsport touring, and there are severalothergoodoptions, Cal Sci, etc.
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