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Last November I crashed my trusty 2006 V-Strom. This spring I expected to replace it with another DL650 but you can probably guess what happened. I took a test ride on a new 2016 FJ09 and haven't looked back. The FJ is my 6th bike and I'm so impressed with it! My V-Strom was well behaved and proper and would put-put-put all day long while the FJ snarls and growls with attitude. When I pushed my V-Strom high into the RPM range, it would comply but it sounded like it wasn't pleased with me. The FJ seems to taunt me and asks me if that's all I got. Like others have said before, I feel as though Yamaha made this bike just for me. I love it.
  I've put on over 4000 KM's since May and only had one issue. The weekend after I broke it in, I decided to take a long ride from my home in Ottawa, Ontario to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. This is about a 700 km ride one way. As I was heading south on I-89 near Lebanon, NH my bike lost power and gasoline started spraying out underneath the tank. I pulled over safely exactly at exit 19. Because the bike was virtually brand new, I didn't bring any tools with me so I rode a flatbed to the nearest garage which happpened to be an HD Dealer. (Granite State HD). They were closing for the day but one of the guys helped me lift up the tank and re-attach the fuel line to the tank. It was never clipped on properly. Bingo, started up and I was on my way again. He didn't charge me anything but I gave him the small amount of cash that I had. 
  I plan on putting a lot of miles on this thing. I could just ride and ride and ride......
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Great story, glad it was easily solved, and restored your confidence in the bike, if not your Yamaha dealership.
Welcome to the board!
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