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When I bought my FJ (August 19) I ordered the bags, 39L trunk, Rad guard, engine guards, et al.  Most of the stuff is on except the Rad guard which came in today. My MC Cruise control came in today too. (I had one of their CCs on my 2 previous Kaw 1400 Concours. Really loved it!)  The instructions suggest lowering the level of fuel in the tank to make the work easier. I just filled up yesterday and it's supposed to rain this weekend. Guess I'll have to wait a while.
I can't find all the suggested holes for the Rad guard, but when I strip the front of the bike to install the CC I suspect they will become obvious.
Have installed softer foot pegs, a radar detector, and the Ram mount for my GPS which looks too big on this bike (It's a Garmin 7200.), plus a Givi tank lock bag.  
Running out of farkle money but still want heated grips, bigger windshield, better hand guards, and a chain oiler.
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So I spent yesterday and today installing the MC Cruise. What a chore!
Having done the deed twice before on my C14s I figured this couldn't be a whole lot worse. Thought I was a pro by now. Wrong again. It was more difficult because of the throttle by wire. Pulling pins from connectors and replacing them. Routing wires all over the bike. I had to strip the bike down to almost parade rest. When I got it back together I only had one extra screw. Not bad for one of my efforts.
Was gonna look for the supposed holes to tie down the Radiator Guard but could not find them. You don't suppose Yamaha lied to me?
The diagnostics ran exactly as the were designed, but it was raining very heavily, so I postponed the road test. Weather's gonna be low 80s, high 70s. Perfect road test weather.
To anyone who reads this, thanks for taking the time to follow my babbling.
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Mirror extenders are the most useful add-on if you like to see behind you, and they happen to be inexpensive. You can only see sideways in the mirrors without them.

2015 red FJ-09: Cal Sci screen, Sargent seat, ECU flash, slider combo, cruise, Rizoma bars, Matts forks, JRi shock, slipper clutch

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