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Voss Helmets?


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Hey everyone,
Anyone have anything to say about Voss helmets? Good or Bad. Looking at one of their full face... the helmets look amazing for their price, which got me thinking there has to be a catch.
I'm coming from a Shoei RF1100 and I was eyeing the Shoei GT-Air as my next helmet (looking for internal sun visor, speaker pockets, quiet etc). GT-Air is anywhere from $600-750... these Voss helmets will be about $220 all said an done.
Obviously there will be a decent quality gap, but the Voss checks off all my boxes.
What do you guys think?
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Vozz helmets, with a very novel open/close mechanism are nearly £600 in the UK, so I will be sticking with Schuberth for my next helmet.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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Regardless of price and regardless of features, the fit is most important. What head shape does this helmet cater to? I went through a few different helmets and initially they were comfortable but after a few hours my head would ache horribly because they were the right size but the wrong shape. I have since discovered my head is a "Shoei Fit" and I have had the GT-Air for a few years with no complaints, I truly wear it all day long while on full-day or multi-day rides.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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That's a fair analysis.
I currently have an RF1100 and it fits quite well. Although, to be fair, my HJC also fits well. 
But i understand your point. I already know Shoei helmets fit me... Voss is an unknown.
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