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Cool Weekend Around Cherokee NC


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So, it took me a couple weeks to get around to writing about a recent trip.  I left Georgia (north of Atlanta) with a buddy on a Gold Wing to ride the BRP.  We rode up to Maggie Valley and went through the Wheels Through Time Museum.  Worthwhile although it is very focused on American bikes, mostly HD.  From there it was out on the BRP for a while.  Note - if you're running a Transitions face shield, headlights are not enough in tunnels.  Be ready to pop the shield up, if you like to see where you're going.  The Parkway was a great ride, one everyone needs to do.  I'll be going back next year with a goal of doing the whole thing - end to end.  
We ended up outside Cherokee and stayed at the GearHead Inn.  If you're in the area try this one out.  It was remodeled a couple years ago to return it to its 1960s roots.  Cool place and the owners are bike/car people.  Motorcycles and hot rods are always welcomed.  Friday night was outdoor movie night, at the fire pit.  Plenty of beverage choices and the movie was Bullitt!!!.  The owners, Mary & Jim, are super hospitable and we found fresh dry towels waiting on our bikes Saturday morning.  Nice to start with a dry seat.  
More riding Saturday and ended up at the casino in Cherokee watching Football and eating at the buffet.  Sunday the weather turned cold and we rode home with temps in the upper 30s (F) with snow showers.  My first time riding in the snow, but I was actually comfortable with a heated jacket and glove liners.  Good test for the Sargent heated seat, too.  
Great weekend with good views, friends, accommodations, food, and riding.  Monday was back to work and real life, but it seemed better, after riding for 3 strait days.  A little less than 400 easy miles to finish up a good summer.  Looking forward to spring and getting back on the Parkway for more miles.  If anyone else is interested in a spring ride on the BRP and maybe meeting up at the Gearhead Inn, let me know.  Maybe we can get a group together and enjoy.  
Ride Safe!  
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Wheels Through Time is entirely focused on American bikes, but still very worthwhile and a great stop. I got to tour it last year. Many of the bikes, even 100 year old antiques, are in running condition and they frequently fire them up in the museum.
Two weeks ago I was in England and toured the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham. It's similar to Wheels Through Time in that it's entirely focused on domestic bikes. Both are great museums, but it was a sad reminder to me that the UK has a much cooler and more diverse motorcycle history than the USA.
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I was at Wheels thru Time last year. Dale is a cool dude, He took us to the back of the shop and showed us the bike he was building for some give away. The knowledge this man has is incredible . Down there the riding is awesome , Cherokee and the back of the dragon . The sleeper was WV , the BRP was loaded with cars and WV was wide open with some great riding.
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