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lower passenger pegs

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I bought a set of extender brackets from a member here. I don't know the brand, but they were easy to install. Mine look very similar to these;
I've used similar brackets on other bikes. The down side to this type of extender is the passengers foot tends to hit me in the back of the calf. On my bike, I usuaully leave them off and only install when my wife goes for a ride, which isn't very often.
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I don't care for most of the peg extenders that I've seen on the market, they all look like they will put the toes of the passengers in the back of the rider's calf.
I bought a used set of passenger peg mounts that I plan to modify, but have yet to do it. That said, looking at the upcoming Tracer GT, it looks like Yamaha has addressed the poor passenger ergos by lowering the peg mounts. Not sure if those will directly bolt on, but would get great to find out.
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I just ordered these. they look better as they are adjustable to swing back so passenger does not hide riders leg. A bit pricey
MFW Vario Footpeg Mounts for Select Yamaha Models Including YZF-R3, FZ6R, FZ-07, MT-07, FZ-09, MT-09, FJ-09, XSR900 & XT1200Z Super Tenere | Passenger
Add Vario Extension Arms
MFW Vario Extension Arms | 50mm - Silver
Add MFW Footpegs
MFW Super Grip Footpegs | Silver
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