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  1. I assume you have already upgraded your seat. I would rather have my left testicle off with with a rusty coping saw than spend an 18 hour day riding on the stock saddle! I think the Fudge could make a decent LD bike with the right upgrades. Biggest concern I think is rear tire life. I only got 7500 miles or so out of the first rear tire. Will be following your build...
  2. I'll be there. Not sure if I'll be solo on my FJ09 or two up on my ST1100, but I have a room reserved!
  3. I rode the DCT version for about an hour earlier this year. I rode the previous version for a long weekend in Canada a couple years back and I've also ridden the VFR1200X w DCT, so I had something to compare with. The "ST1800" is just as stated above: very refined, nicely packaged and lacking character. Yep, a 2 wheeled Accord. The DCT has been improved, especially the SPORT mode. It seemed to read my mind when rolling off the throttle approaching a turn, it would drop a gear just as I would have. Upshifts were quick and smooth. Engine might as well be an electric motor, though it does have a decent growl to it. The suspension does a good job at dealing with the weight of the bike. Brakes are a substantial improvement over the previous gen, which I thought felt wooden. Smaller tank and less storage were hard to understand. Touring bike need a touring tank! I realize these were sacrifices made for weight reduction. But even with all the changes, it still "feels" like a Gold Wing (good, bad or indifferent). Personally I enjoy my ST1100 more and could purchase 10 nice used STs for the price of one 'Wing. If $$ was no object I might buy one, but would probably look at a KTM Super Duke (how much "personality" can 1 bike have?) or BMW K1600.
  4. I have been very happy with how well this has worked out. Having a compressor and plug kit paid off a couple months ago when I had a puncture about 15 miles from home. Being able to remove the rear wheel without messing with anything other than popping the lid and swinging it out of the way has proven handy too! Only change I've made since install was to add a couple small zip ties to keep the hinge from coming apart when open. I'm looking for a small lock that won't rattle around to put on it, but that hasn't been a great concern.
  5. I hipe to make it to STAR next year. Love riding in that area too!
  6. I'm also an IB SS1K Cert holder and congratulate you for a BBG on an FJ09. I rode my ST1100 for my ride, and would likely use it for the BBG. I'm not as comfortable on my FJ as my ST. Again, congrats! BTW, did you hear that a woman won this year's Iron Butt Rally? Wendy Crockett is the first woman to win. She rode nearly 13,000 miles in 11 days!
  7. Nicely done, Joe! I think I'll do this too!
  8. I have a "Stop & Go" mini compessor. Might fit under passenger seat (I have a fuse block there on mine) but fits perfectly in my under-tail ammo box, along with my tool roll. Comes with several ways to connect to 12v and works as advertised! $38 on Amazon.
  9. A rachet strap wrapped around one arm of the mounter and one or two wheel spokes keeps the wheel in place and sanity in check!
  10. Harbor Freight mount and No-mar bar along with Motion Pro rim protectors and a couple different types of tire irons. Setup pays for itself after a couple years.
  11. I've replaced batteries in both my ST1100 and FJ09 with Shorai Lithium Iron batteries. As stated, they are crazy light! One in the 1100 will be 3 years old in the fall, 2 years in the FJ. Only "issue" I've experienced is starting in cold weather. The LiFe batteries need to warm up a bit, so it is best to turn main switch on, so lights come on, and let it set for a few seconds before trying to start. I don't use battery tenders. During off season I make a point to start bikes at least once every two weeks and let them run until fans kick on. Keeps fresh fuel in systems and batteries charged. If bike won't turn over, battery will likely need replaced anyway.
  12. You are correct, ground through the mount. You can add a short piece of wire, with the proper connector, and connect the OEM ground to a mounting point on the horn. Also, check amps needed for new horn. Many aftermarket horns draw much more than stock, so stock fuse may blow upon use. I use the factory wiring to trigger a relay, with separate power/fuse to the replacement horn.
  13. Wife and I have hosted the (Honda) ST Owners OH-STOC event out of Lake Hope State Park, west of Athens, for the last 8 years. 50+ riders attended this year. Sooo many outstanding roads in the area! We use "Drop and sweep" method for larger group rides, and smaller groups do what they want. MSTA does their "Mail Pouch Fly-by" out of Marietta too. If you get a chance to ride this area, do it! You will not be disappointed! And if you need info on some routes or someone to lead you around, let me know!
  14. New read Roadtec mounted up. Now I need to get it out for a ride, but have a wedding to attend this evening.
  15. I tried using that button to start mine several times! Wondered why it didn't crank and all the lights were blinking!! Thought something was broken...DOH! It's in basically the same spot as many Honda starter buttons are.