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  1. sirepair

    OH Nuts!!

    I DID get a red '15 in 2017, already put about 10K miles on it. Rode some fun back roads from Chillicothe to Portsmouth on Black Friday, to Hickie's Hamburger Inn. Nice day for a ride and a great burger!
  2. sirepair

    World's Worst Toolkit

    The toolkit supplied with Honda's ST1300 consists of an allen wrench and small piece of foam that no one is sure what it's for! Probably to wipe off your credit card before you hand to the tow truck driver.
  3. sirepair

    Best heated gear

    There is no streach to their liners. Heated liner should fit snuggly. I only wear a t-shirt or base-layer under mine to allow good heat transfer. That said, W-n-S is great about exchanging items for sizing issues!
  4. sirepair

    Best heated gear

    Another vote for Warm-n-Safe and I'm not a vendor! Been using their products for 10 years. Spent the day today with my wife riding my ST1100 from Balsam, NC to Chillicothe, OH returning from a group event. Left Balsam with a temp of about 30 and zipped along I-40 and 75 at 80-85. High temp for the day was 55. We were warm and toasty for the duration. I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a DUAL Heat-Troller, because their jacket liners are wired with 2 circuits (liner and gloves) to allow you to run your gloves temp at a different temp than your liner. The circuits are hooked together from the factory and easily changed from single to dual controller, and there is even a pass through for pants/socks if desired. I use the wired controllers, but they also offer wireless controllers now too. If you have multiple bikes, just wire up one of their coax connectors to each bike, then you can use the gear on each bike. Warm-n-Safe has ALWAYS treated me right! Taken care of sizing problems without issue. Recently upgraded to newer generation liner and utilized their "upgrade" program. Oh, and I *think* W-n-S actually makes First Gear and HD branded heated gear.
  5. sirepair

    Tour master Transition 5

    I'm on my second Transition jacket. I think it a series 4. Only issue I've had was the velcro wrist closures separated for the rubbery molded part. A bit of glue and some sewing and they are better than new. Works well when temps are below 70f, but pretty toasty when it's warmer. I use a Warm-n-Safe heated liner under it and have ridden in temps as low as 13f. Currently have KLIM overpants for the cold/wet weather riding.
  6. Hmmm, could make an Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 out of it! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I forgot I have an appointment Saturday at noon.
  7. I'll try to be there, but I'm updating my ST1100 for an upcoming trip, so depends on progress I make this week.
  8. sirepair

    New Guy from Columbus Ohio USA

    Welcome the the fold, Doug! I had my ECU flashed by 2WheelDynoWorks and like the changes. Throttle not nearly as "snatchy" as before. I haven't addresses suspension, but it is not as bad as many other bikes. Seat was one of my biggest gripes, and I lucked in to a used RDL that works pretty well. Still may have Terry Adcox do a seat for me, as others here have given him high accolades and his pricing is reasonable. Mine came with Yamaha heated grips and saddle bags. I've added GIVI engine guards, Yamaha big-azz top box, LED fog lights, FIAAM "Highway Blasters" horns, and a red Whelen TIR3 LED flasher array above the license plate for added attention getting. The FJ-09 never fails to fill my helmet with an ear-to-ear smile! Such a blast to ride! Enjoy! And see you down the road!
  9. sirepair

    Pants/trousers hangers?

    I use wooden hangars for my jackets and a plastic hangar with a couple work clamps zip-tied to it for my pants. Since I often ride to work, I keep my jacket and pants hanging on a garage door track. Hung on the outside of the track, the door will open without catching the hangars.
  10. sirepair

    Travel tool kit

    I've used my tools more to help others than myself. Just last weekend while riding with a small group in WV, one of the other rider's bike popped an ABS error, then a low voltage indicator. We pulled off, removed his seat and found the ground terminal loose. I whipped out my tool roll and we quickly tightened the bolt. We were back on our way in about 10 minutes.
  11. I built a one-wheeled trailer to pull with my ST-1100. I used a 4.80-8 wheel/tire combo along with an axle/hub/bearings, a plastic "Job Box" and wiring all purchased from my local Tractor Supply. I pillaged a bicycle for a shock, found some tapered steering bearings for the swingarm and utilized steel bits that we had lying about the shop. I used a GL1500 drive shaft U-joint that was "opened up" with a die-grinder to allow a greater range of motion. My hitch is a Classic Industries hitch that I added the "receiver" and gussets to. I used a 5pin plug that I wired in to the tail light and the trailer has all LED lighting, including corner markers. Though I have not weighed it, I would guess that the finish weight is about 85-90 lbs. It has worked very well. 80+mph on I40 through the Smokies and triple digits a few times!! I've towed it several thousand miles. Actually wore out one tire on it. I think a through-axle hitch would be the way to go with the FJ, and it would simplify construction. Here are some pictures of my build:
  12. sirepair

    Travel tool kit

    Here are a few pics of my tool kit. The roll is from Road Crafter, which is no longer in business. Along with a close up of the socket stack on the all-thread. I was working on replacing my front tire (original). Didn't have the 14mm hex, so made my own. 2 shouldered nuts threaded back-to-back on a bolt. Then welded to the bolt and each other. Then cut off the excess, file and brush and viola! Hex tool! Not sure why but my front axle was WAY tight! Well over 90 lb/ft. Broke my first attempted hex tool (v2.0 pictured). I was victorious! And the tool is small enough to keep in the kit!
  13. sirepair

    Travel tool kit

    For setting chain, get a Motion Pro chain alignment tool; about $15. Clamps on to rear sprocket and aids in setting alignment. Once set, if adjustment is needed, go by turning each side adjuster bolt same number of "flats". Each "flat" is 60 degrees. Turn 2 or 3 flats on one side, then the same number on the other. Check chain slack. Repeat as needed. I personally think Yamaha's slack speck is a bit tight; just over 1/2 in IIRC. I keep mine about 1 - 1.25 in. Home improvement stores sell an empty tool roll for about $20 allowing you to build your own kit. I use a piece of 1/4-20 all-thread rod with a nut and washer on each end that I stack a set of 1/4 in drive sockets on (8, 10, 12 and 14mm), a 6 function multi screwdriver and various hex bits, and Gear wrench racheting box wrenches. Couple tire irons too.
  14. sirepair

    Travel tool kit

    My tool kit contains all the tools I need to do general maintenance, including removing wheels and tires, along with a "Stop-n-go" air compressor, tire patches and plugs. A jump-start battery pack is another handy item to have. I've used and loaned that out the most. One never knows what may happen on the road and I prefer "better to have and not need, than need and not have"! That said, what tools you pack will often reflect your mechanical skills and/or desire to work in you bike if it breaks down. A credit card is also an essential tool to carry.....
  15. sirepair

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    If you haven't done so already, check on some of the Iron Butt Association's sites. https://www.ironbutt.org/ Lots of IBR riders run aux tanks. Not sure if there is a commercial source for them. Most common seems to be a basic "box" shape, with a fill neck, transfer hose and vent hose. Others are like a small keg or barrel. Depending upon mount height, etc will determine if you need some type of valve to control the flow. One IBR rider developed a tail tank for the ST1100 that had it's top at the same level as the fill on the regular tank, and a fairly large diameter transfer hose between them which allowed him to fill both from the standard opening. No valve to mess with. Here is a site that sells some add-on tanks: https://www.spunaluminumgastanks.com/ If you are handy in the shop, you should be able to fabricate something.