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  1. You are correct, ground through the mount. You can add a short piece of wire, with the proper connector, and connect the OEM ground to a mounting point on the horn. Also, check amps needed for new horn. Many aftermarket horns draw much more than stock, so stock fuse may blow upon use. I use the factory wiring to trigger a relay, with separate power/fuse to the replacement horn.
  2. Wife and I have hosted the (Honda) ST Owners OH-STOC event out of Lake Hope State Park, west of Athens, for the last 8 years. 50+ riders attended this year. Sooo many outstanding roads in the area! We use "Drop and sweep" method for larger group rides, and smaller groups do what they want. MSTA does their "Mail Pouch Fly-by" out of Marietta too. If you get a chance to ride this area, do it! You will not be disappointed! And if you need info on some routes or someone to lead you around, let me know!
  3. New read Roadtec mounted up. Now I need to get it out for a ride, but have a wedding to attend this evening.
  4. I tried using that button to start mine several times! Wondered why it didn't crank and all the lights were blinking!! Thought something was broken...DOH! It's in basically the same spot as many Honda starter buttons are.
  5. If you old plugs have the threaded caps on them but new plugs don't, you will want to transfer them to the new plugs for proper electric connection. I have a little parts bin drawer full of them! As stated above, a length of small dia. rubber hose can be used to extract or install the plugs. Magnet on a stick or claw grabber pickup tool do the trick too. ALWAYS check that the plugs are properly gapped before installing.
  6. I've successfully plugged several tires, both mc and auto, and never had this happen. My guess would be that the hole was too big. Even with two in it I was losing air at a fairly steady rate. Had I had much farther to go I would have had to stop and air it up again.
  7. I got out for a nice 200 or so mile jaunt, but got to practice my tire plugging skilz about 15 miles from home. First worm popped out a couple miles down the road. Double-plugged it the second time and limped home. Will demount and patch it asap. TPMS and "Stop-n-Go" inflator paid for themselves!
  8. SE corner of Ohio has miles and miles of fun stuff, and it's just outside of my door!
  9. RTW = Ride To Work. I hit a deer on my RTW a few weeks back. Super fortunate to have had minimal damage to bike and I didn't go down!
  10. Having ridden with Pat, I call tell you that it would be hard to find a cleaner bike than this! Someone BUY THIS BIKE!
  11. sirepair

    sirepair's album

    I'm not so fussy! And the pannier lids were done with vinyl, not painted. Color is close, but not perfect. The mass of black separating the panels makes the mismatch hardly noticeable.
  12. sirepair

    sirepair's album

    Fun with my '15 FJ-09, "Thorn"