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  1. Lil ride in Southern Ohio yesterday. Fall colors are not great, but I don't think it has peaked yet.
  2. Welcome to the forum! Nicely done on the top box mount!
  3. Sounds too familiar to me...
  4. The wife has been on back of my FJ maybe 5 times for about a total of 100 miles. The passenger peg position appears to be set for 12 year old contortionists. By comparison, we just returned from a 1200 mile, 5 day trip on my ST1100.
  5. Wish I could have attended, but the star alignment was way outa' wack! Sounds like you had an outstanding time! Pics or it didn't happen....
  6. My kinda winter! Nice ride!
  7. Sorry to hear the TPMS didn't work out, and your sheckles were returned. I too had issues configuring the settings on the Cyclops units I installed, but finally have them sorted. I prefer the bike-powered units so I don't have to mess with charging them. The "T" valves I installed also simplify use as you don't have to remove the sensor to add or release air. I think these are an outstanding addition to any bike, well worth the $$ and setup confusion to have such important info readily accessable. Could be lifesaving! And the "distraction" of having the display there will wear off after a while, until a flashing red led notifies you of a pressure drop!
  8. The "tool kit" supplied is about as close to worthless as possible! But the other issue is that there is little room on the bike to store a decent kit. I'm a firm believer that it's better to have and not need, then to need and not have, especially when it comes to setting on the side of the road with a mechanical issue! So I build my tool kits as I work on my bike. I want to have all the tools to remove covers, wheels, and make adjustments and repairs that I can, including plugging and inflating a tire. Which is why I built an under-tail storage box. Most won't care for the looks of it, but I'm more concerned with function than form. This allows me to take my "proper" tool kit with me.
  9. I rode the Niken, KTM 1290 Super Duke and Africa Twin DCT. Niken was so familiar feeling with the driveline. Front felt heavy (expected), compared to the FJ, but very planted. I was able to get the rear to step out a bit on a hard left, but the TCS did its bit and squelched that. I'm sure it could really carve up some twisties, especially on rough roads or poor pavement. An interesting exercise in engineering. 1290 SD has an amazing mill! Comes on hard and wants to rev. Plenty of brakes to back up the engine. Suspension was a bit harsh for riding about the crappy streets of Cbus, but would have likely been good for a track day! Rider's triangle too sporty for my old bones! Wanted to ride the GT, but it was booked up. I enjoyed the AT DCT the most, and if looking for an additional bike, it would likely be on the short list. DCT works well, motor makes great torque and spins up quickly. Has a nice growl to it. Triangle was good but the reach to the ground was far for my 30" inseam, on my tip-toes at each stop. Seat wasn't too bad for a stock Honda seat, but I only spent about 30 minutes on it. I ran it to several riders that have attended the event we host in June, and enjoyed milling about checking some of the wares the vendors brought. Great way to spend a day!
  10. I'll be there Saturday morning. Haven't decided if I'm riding the FJ or ST. I'm going to try the Niken if possible, maybe an Africa Twin. Wonder if they will have the Kawasaki H2 there?
  11. Since I was unable to attend the MPFB, I *hope* to make this. Couple other events (non MSTA) that I'm looking at, but this looks very interesting.
  12. Coop, you should not play with sharp, pointy objects! Hopefully you still have your good eye!!
  13. Hmmm... The Ribber has some tasty eats! Try one of their steaks if you haven't yet. Was there a few days ago (see below) Pencilled in and will try to get there.
  14. Shows available on Amazon. $228.02 I have both. The 50l is huge and looks a bit out of place. Can hold 2 full face helmets. I made a plate to mount it on my ST1100. The 39l looks better and unless you have a giant laptop, should work to haul it.