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Pricing for 2016 FJ-09 in Maryland

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Hello everyone. I am completely new here and need some help. If this isnt the right place to post this please let me know and i will post it in the correct spot. I am new to buying bikes from a dealer, my first bike I bought from someone private sale. 
I currently am looking to upgrade my CBR500r to a 2016 FJ-09. There are several new 2016 FJ-09s in the Baltimore, MD area and I have reached out to a couple dealers in area for pricing. One dealer came back with a sales price of $7499 and a final OTD price of $9183.58. The break down of the OTD price is below.
How does that sale price look at $7499 for a 2016? the MSRP is shown at around $10,000 and the bike has almost been sitting on their floor for maybe a year and a half based on the model year. When I look at NADA motorcyles it gives a price of around $7499 but I have no idea if that is new pricing for when it came out or current pricing for an older new bike now (if that makes sense). Yamaha is redoing the line here for 2019 to the more European model if I understand everything correctly and people may be waiting for that. It has also been quite cold here and so I know they have not had a whole lot of sales this winter. Has anyone else gotten a lower sales price than $7,499? Or is the 7,499 a price I should jump on?
I am going to at a minimum try to get rid of freight, setup, and doc fees as i dont think they are required in Maryland. If I did that I would be sitting at $8153 OTD which I feel like would be a huge steal. 
Sale Price: $7,499
Freight: $495
Set-up: $299
Doc Fees: $189
Sales Tax: 497.58
Title/Tags: $204
Total: $9,183.58
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Sale price +tax+title puts you at $8,200.58
So your OTD price you are shooting for is not possible :)
$7,500 is a great sale price for 2016. If you can get your OTD around $8,700 is probably good.
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