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Power commander on a 17

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Has anyone used a power commander on a 2017? I emailed them and they said they haven’t tested it on a 17. Said it should work but can’t say for sure. I would like to put the akro titanium on the bike.
We haven’t tested the product on a 2017 model and can’t officially support the application at this point, but I can’t imagine the bike has changed much if at all.
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2WDW has run extensive testing regarding baffle in / out for the Akro Ti. They were unable to produce better performance. However, if you just like the sound you can still get a 2WDW flash for baffle out. They do great work and have a pretty sweet sale going on right now too.

'15 FJ09

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As the others have pointed out, the Akro Ti was designed to not "need" a flash or PC-V. 2WDW have already dyno tested many different pipes on this bike and have different fuel maps to flash into your ECU depending on the pipe you use.
From the factory, the 2017 models are reported to have better fueling over previous models leaving many to question whether an ECU flash is necessary or worth the $$$.  On '15 and '16 models it made a HUGE difference.
You can also call or email the guys at 2WDW, they are super helpful and willing to help.  Ask what they recommend for your bike.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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