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Suspension Shops in Colorado?


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While I don't know of anybody personally I have 2 suggestions for you:
1. Matt, pattonme on the forum, does great work. But would require shipping. I understand if you don't want to incur that expense.
2. Google your local motorcycle road racing association. Typically they have a forum. Make a post and ask who they recommend. A good suspension tuner is a good suspension tuner regardless of type of motorcycle.
Good luck!

'15 FJ09

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If you are insistent on only having your suspension serviced in Denver then you have severely narrowed your options.  Search for a local sport park where they have track days and usually there will be a vendor who offers track side services. 
If you don't mind mailing your shock, then your options are endless.  Try Norwest Suspension.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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