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Wind deflectors between windshield mount and front bodywork


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I removed my windshield and was immediately impressed by the smoother air and reduced noise.  Lots of reading on this in the windshields forum.
Looking at the front of the bike with the windshield removed, it seemed to me like the Transformer Effect (which I don't care for to begin with) was enhanced.  The gap between the windshield mount and the bodywork around the headlights just looked odd to me.
So, I decided to see if I could fix that and maybe improve airflow (and dampen noise) in the front while I was at it.  After trying various templates out of pasteboard, I came up with a shape that filled the gap nicely and didn't look out of place.
I made the finish pieces out of aluminum flashing which is available in various colors.  I just happened to have a piece of gray that matched closely enough for me.  Alternatively, there is a fairly nice "carbon fiber" contact paper that would look nice in that position too.  I have a sheet and had actually intended to use it, but liked the color as it was and didn't want to peel the pieces back off to apply the faux carbon fiber. 
The final pattern was made oversized enough that I could "bow" the piece into place rather than just have a flat plate in there.  It follows the lines of the bike better that way, plus it's stronger.  Be sure to dry-fit the piece to get all the bends and bows right before applying the tape.
There are convenient flat places on the back side of the windshield mount and the body work for a 3/4 inch overlap. It's held in place by 3M Super Strength Molding Tape, their part number 03615.
I didn't get the "nose" of the piece quite perfect, but I haven't noticed any issues.  
Kindly pardon the bug juice in the pictures, I just got back from a ride  grin.png
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Have you tested it with the windscreen back on? Quieter?
I haven't.  I like both the naked look and the air flow with it off. 
I might toss it back on just as an experiment.  If I do, I'll let you know the results.
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