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Group Riding Techniques


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I am interested in leading a 3 day ride this fall, but I have never learned the techniques involved in riding with a group.   Group formation, stops, speed, hand signals, etc.
Will the members post some of the rules of the road for me?
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First, be safe and emphasize "Ride your own ride!". Meaning don't ride over your head or think you have to keep up with faster riders.
See the Group Riding pdf on the MSF site:
There are hand/foot signals in that doc.
Make sure everyone has emergency contact and medical info on their person. Exchange contact info with each other before riding, just in case.
For larger groups, try "Drop and sweep" as outlined here:
Having ridden with "Uncle Phil" and used this for the last 10+ years, it is by far my preferred way to lead or participate in larger group rides. There is a video of me giving a pre-ride briefing covering d&s here:
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We use the drop and sweep rules for our ride outs. Our last big one was nearly 30 riders and it still works.
Just make sure everyone knows which bike the lead and tail rider are using as it is no good knowing the tail rider by name or face if you can’t identify them on their bike, from a distance as they approach you when you’re sat there as a marker.

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Here in the UK it is known as the drop-off system (works the same way), Leader wears a fluro yellow vest TEC wears an orange vest to aid identification.
Usually we have 2 or 3 'outriders' who keep an eye on the group between the Leader an TEC, normally all in comms on a SENA system.
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