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Yamaha 2015/16 FJ-09 versus 2018/19 Tracer GT

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A 2015 left over FJ09 is less than 8200 and a used moded one with good mod options is less. The 15 & 16 ECU can me flashed but after 17 not so much. The shorter wheel base with lower and maybe narrower bars keeps it sporty and comfort is right there with $8 rubber pegs, a Sargent, shield to taste, oem hot grips, ECU flash, some front springs and fluid or $400 from a forum supporting member, Shad SH36 paniers & SH46 top box and for 5+ grand less ride it like you stole it (which you did).
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What has to be kept in mind and is not mentioned here is the significantly lower value the '15/ '16 will have compared to the newer/ updated GT when time comes to sell, trade, whatever.   
That assumed $5000 'saving' will shrink appreciably.   That said, if anyone is strictly limited in funds and can only afford the MkI versions, they will not be disappointed I'm sure.

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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I like your MK1/MK2 nomenclature and disagree with the author's "enough tweaks to merit a new model". I suspect the cheaper Tracer will go away in a year or two once Yam has some sales figures. The GT is squarely aimed at giving the other guys a run for their money by matching the major features.
Man, that 'Photos by Brian J. Nelson' guy sure gets around...
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