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Warning Light Issue


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So, I took my FJ in to have a set of new tires put on.  I had to pick it up late, as the shop was closing.  Pay my bill, the doors shut everyone leave while I'm putting on my gear in the lot.  Fire it up and go to leave, and the check engine light, the TCS light and the ABS light won't shut off.  Bike was running fine when I dropped it off, no warning lights ever.  I thought I'd disconnect the battery for a couple minutes in an attempt to clear the codes.  The TCS light flashed and went out, but the ABS and Check Engine light are still on.  All the sensors seem to be plugged in and I don't see anything obvious messed up.  Any ideas?  Is there a diagnostic port, similar to cars/trucks that I can plug in and try to read codes?
Thank you for your time,
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Pre 2017 can use the dash board to read/clear codes...2017+ needs dealership tool or rig up one using a CAN ODB scanner...
The 2019 GT bikes...I duno yet...way to new of a bike to know the little things...
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@sleepy717 pull the abs sensors, make sure they weren't damaged, then reinstall them. It is actually very easy to not have the abs sensors seated fully and correctly into their mounts (especially the front).

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Yes, like TCrider said. What helps is to gently twist the sensor as you are pushing it onto the mounting plate. Then snug up the securing Allen bolt. Torque is only 5-7 ft lbs IIRC.
Might be a good idea to sight down along the sensor itself after you take it out to make sure the plate attached to the sensor didn’t get tweaked slightly by being improperly installed.
You can’t clear the code because it’s CURRENT. You have to fix the problem, cycle the key and ride the bike/move it several feet so that the ECM can see that the sensor is reading correctly and the ABS light turns off.
Then the bike can be turned off. The code should then move to Historic (appear in channel 60 and 61) in Diag mode. It can then be cleared.
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I have a possible solution especially if yours is a 2017+ . There is a bracket attached with sensor to front calliper fork mount. This bracket must go on AFTER the sensor., so it sits on top when looking at it. It looks wrong this way, but if you put bracket on first, sensor is too far from pickup wheel and causes ABS light to come on Intermittently. It would reset after turning ignition off, but came on again a while later, seemed it was when I was up to about 50mph. Drove me bonkers until I looked at my 'before' pics close up. Maybe give this a check ? BTW, I removed sensor to make refitting wheel a little easier. If you did not remove, above won't apply, in which case, as it's sooo close to slotted wheel, you may have knocked it when putting wheel back on. Pic is how it should be fitted.
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