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Vbr 4 this weekend. Aug 16-18


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Well just saw this today. Dont have quite enough miles for a full break in. Will have to change my oil for a second time on the road.
Any body going to be at the Very boring rally #4? http://www.boringrally.com. Its put on by aerostich / riderwarehouse. I have missed it the other 2 times it happened. Im able to make it this year. 
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 Very boring rally #4? ..I have missed it the other 2 times it happened. 
I won't be there, but I love Aerostich stuff. If it only happened two other times, how is this the fourth?  tongue.png
Becuase Im not counting the one before I started riding.  :D
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Want to go but FJ still down with mysterious throttle chop idle drop hiccup which leads me to check valve cam sprocket timing / cam chain exhaust side tension after valve adjustment (all valves were tight).
Had been planning on meeting a friend in Deluth from The twin cities, doing the weekend, and then hitting the area roads for a few more days.
Ah well, not going to do it on my 98 VTR1000F I converted to a sporty sport tourer because while pretty roomy and comfortable my body is still too AFU for it. My 76 RD400 is just a wee bit too small for touring, LOL
It's a great weekend event and Andy Goldfine offers a lot even if you don't own their stuff (I do, an 20+ year old Classic 2 PC Roadcrafter and their super 2 PC Transit II WP leather suit plus other gear).
So if you can, GO!!
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Well I guess I will have to wait till next time. Got 1/3 there. North of Davenport Iowa and realized I had lost my keys to my boxes. And they were locked. So back home I came. The wind must have opened my not fully zipped pocket. I had my bluetoooth head phones come out another pocket, swing up and hit my helmet. Luckily I caught those. My jacket and the factory wind screen dont get along apparently if it is opening my pockets up. Im home now and drilled out the locks in the side bags. I didnt have a spare for them since I got them used. Put 655 miles on the bike with this failed trip. Did an oil change in a autozone parking lot at 587 miles total. I changed the oil at 52 miles as well. I will be ordering the matched key set from givi tonight. Since I have a top box I put one right before I left.
I put the windscreen all the way up. All the way down. Then i pulled it off. Then the rain came and I put it back on. I hate it with a passion. I have never felt so much buffeting. Will be ordering a screen this weekend. Need to research which on. parabellum or madstad
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