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Oops, i took the bike apart and now it wont start


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Well, title says it all.
I decided to replace sparkplugs, put a K&N air filter in, tune the ecu (vcyclenut tune), remove the o2 sensor, and put it all back together. After reassembly, the bike wont start. Some notes:
-When trying to start, the bike will sometimes sputter or "quietly" backfire.
-I smell gas when turning the motor over.
Im thinking its possible i didn't plug something in (or i didnt plug the sparkplug wires in in the correct order) as you have to remove the tank, airbox, ecu, and air induction system to get to the plugs.
If anyone has any ideas on what to check as i tear the bike down again please let me know. Also if anyone has a go-by diagram or picture of which plug goes to which sparkplug, please let me know!
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I'd be looking for loose connections or connectors that aren't connected. Also, are you sure the ECU tune downloaded properly?
The display shows up as it should, im assuming that the flash and ecu are ok. Ill also check again to see if the check engine light is on. How else can i check this?
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The fastest way to figure it out, is to take it back apart again.
Start by lifting the tank and make sure the fuel pump is plugged in, then remove the air box and check the sensors, etc. Wiggle test anything you remember disconnecting, etc.
No, there aren’t pictures. The service manual has a general diagram of where things are, but not actual photos for reference.
Worst case we can take a photo of a running bike. But you need to narrow it down first.
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@pmuhob - dbeau’s 4th shot has a fairly good view of the wires leading to the coil packs and the direction the connectors should face. Also note the blue connector on the intake air pressure sensor. There are 2 of those, make sure they are plugged in correctly.
While you are checking the wiring, make sure the vacuum lines are plugged into the sensors, and there isn’t a vacuum leak.
What year is your bike? If it’s a 15-16 model, check the DTC’s and report back with that info.
I would also verify that you actually plugged into the O2 wiring. Though the engine should still start with the o2 disconnected.
Let us know what you find,
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Here's some pictures of under the airbox if that'll help... 

Dbeau you beautiful bastard thats all i needed. Cylinder 2 and 3's wires were crossed. Bike fired up on the first try after that. Thanks to everyone who offered advice!
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