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I woke the beast


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My new exhaust system arrived today.  On the Fj, which is only 3 weeks old, went a new Delkevic 200mm full system exhaust.  The factory exhaust was simple to take off, unbolt then pull the system a little bit forward and rotate the system slightly towards the clutch handle side and out it comes.  I’ve read here where others have taken off the center stand, needing another person to help and other such measures.  Not needed at all as mine was out in about 5 minutes doing it alone.  The Delkevic full system was easy to put on, appearance of high quality and a whole lot better looking.  The sound, the sound, the sound —— has to be heard to be believed.  Let’s say the sound is wonderful and loud.  The cost with free shipping was $ 405.00.  Happy guy old guy here (67 years old).

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Can you post a link to where you purchased this? Does anyone know if this will work on the Tracer GT with center stand?
Spoke to Paul Dyer (the Sales Guru at Delkevik UK) he says that they haven't tried to fit their products to a GT900 yet so don't know if it'll fit. Currently exploring what deal can be done if I ride up there and let them use my bike as a test. 
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