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slight wobble when taking a bump while cornering

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Hi all, anyone ever get a small side wobble while cornering on a bumpy road? I'm thinking I should check wheel bearings, swingarm bearings, stearing head bearings. I also have a spring that's too stiff on the rear shock so that might be the cause also, just not sure for now so any help is appreiciated.
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And the wobble I mean is really side to side (not up and down). I have already upgraded rear and front  by a suspension guy where I live (I wish I had used forksbymatt but shipping from canada seemed a pain). The spring I have on the rear shock is to stiff, not sure if it can come from there.
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It may be just normal action of the suspension with nothing wrong. I have supper suspension and sometimes the asphalt has just the right dip that causes kind of a wallow. Could be called a wobble if you like. These terms are a catch all for something not thought to be normal. Put me on a bumpy asphalt corner and it is very stable. Try to find a good test for suspension and look it over so you know what to expect. Run it a number and of times and see if your "wobble" is consistant, note the condition of the road surface, dips, etc. Then come back with specifics. You may be surprised with what these guys will come up with when not shooting in the dark.

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