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Oil is dripping from the hole under the exhuast cylinder 3


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Hi , i need help !!! ,
I was doing today timing and when i install back all , i started the bike and all was good and after 20 sec oil start to drip from that hole.
There are 3 holes in the engine , each one is located under each exhaust out , why are they for ?.
Is it related to the cover band that i didn't replace this time ?.
The bike is starting normally , the drip of oil is according to the rpm of the engine , low rpm a small one , high rpm a bigger one.
Any help will be good for me , i'm stuck now.
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No, not a breather. Those holes are located in the head so that compressed air can be forced in with a rubber tipped blow nozzle which removes debris from the spark plug cavity in the cyl head once the stick coil packs are removed.
As Vduboy mentioned, if you’ve got oil in there, either the valve cover gasket isn’t installed correctly or oil dribbled down in there during servicing that you didn’t notice. Once heated up, it thinned out and made itself known.
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Don’t know how it is on the 2015, but on my 21 Tracer, if you don’t use a sticky stuff to hold that gasket in place while you maneuver the cover into place, it is GONNA slip out and you might not notice it until … later. 

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