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Ice Airfield


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I guess you can call this a day trip since I do make it about every other day down here in the Ice. One of my duties is maintaining the airfield lights at the fields, Phoenix and Williams. 
thresh-hold-lights.jpg The truck you see in the picture I've probably have put about 2000 miles on it since I've started this kind of work. Now if I only had a decent bike to put those miles on down here. 
I do get some interesting scenery here. The cliffs you see in this shot don't exist. They are a mirage and I forget the 'technical' name for them but it is a bit freaky when you see them for the first time. 
I do get some wildlife that comes along and makes sure I'm doing my work correctly 
Williams Field only handles ski equipped aircraft. The LC 130 is the largest aircraft with skis. Without it and the helicopters science down here would be a lot more difficult. 
I've probably bored you all enough now and should let you get back to the real world. LC-130.jpg
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Have supply in New Zealand
and let the fun begin... 
And keep your posts coming!
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