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Hi from Manitoba


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Hi, this is a great forum, I have been reading a lot of posts and comments, seems like a helpful group of members with considerable knowledge and even the  odd genuinely funny sense of humour shows up.  I was able to make a very good deal on a 2018 Tracer 900 prior to the end of the year (thanks 2018 year end) and can't wait for the riding season to start this spring.  Its -31 C out my door right now - sheesh.  

I am moving up from a very fun ER6-n.  I plan commute to work for a good portion of the riding season and its 135 km round trip, essentially all highway riding.  This was incentive to myself to move over to the Tracer, for me it is better suited for the ride.  Last summer we had great hot weather with a lot of rain free days, but leaving for work at 6:30 am had me riding in 6 to 10 C temps  and 25 - 32 C temps in the afternoon for the ride home. I expect to get some better protection for the cool morning ride.  The considerable jump in HP and a few more amenities on the Tracer vs the Kawi will be more than welcome also.

I hope at some point I can contribute to the discussions here


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