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Tracer 900... In México, no more

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Sadly, the FJ09 or Tracer, will not be available in Mexico any more. Yamaha sold this bike here since its debut in 2015 until 2017. The new Tracer 900 will not be marketed here... Maybe in Mexico, this bike was not very sold... When you go on road, you see many BMWs... Not many japanese for adventure /touring bikes. Japanese bikes are very popular here, for low cc or work city bikes 

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Based on my limited travels in Mexico, I'd say that the FJ-09 etc. are not ideal for most of the roads I encountered--

The ideal bike would have better suspension, maybe more travel, definitely more compliance, and some kind of belly protection stock.

Also, the FJ-09 is overpowered for everything except the toll freeways.

In the US, the FJ manages to be an all-arounder.

In Mexico, it seems like it would be an adequate but not ideal freeway-only tourer.

Am I off-base in this assessment?

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