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Good value suspension kit?


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Well as I continue to research suspension improvements I'm probably moving away from cartridges and looking at just springs and oil in the forks combined with a new shock.  I stumbled across this deal and wonder if the components are any good:


Ohlins Basic Suspension Kit Shock Springs Fork Oil for Yamaha MT-09 FZ-09 2013 13 , NKYA011, Suspension kits, Suspension, by Ohlins, In order to come encounter to the requirements of own customers the Ohlins has created a...

Does anyone know how the Öhlins shock in the kit compares for example to a Nitron NR1?


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@captainscarlet it looks like a basic emulsion shock, no external reservoir, meaning that the oil and nitrogen are not separated. 

I cant say if this shock is good or bad but there is no reference to any adjustability other than preload in the description.  The basic Nitron seems to have a combined rebount/compression knob, it has very positive reviews and from the photos, it appears to have ride height adjustability.

Just getting the proper rate springs in the front and lighter oil would be a good starting point for the forks.  I felt like the stock shock needed much more immediate attention than the forks, understandably I spend 2x the amount on the shock than the forks. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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