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18 Tracer GT rear footpegs on a 2016 Tracer


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Hello, I have a friend who has his wife complaining about the rear footpegs on his 2016 Tracer,  mainly that they are too short and uncomfortable for her, has anybody tried installing a set of 18/19 Tracer rear footpegs ( which are longer) on the 15/16 Tracer.  


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Is the passenger saying the rear foot pegs themselves are too short, or they are located too high providing 'short' legroom?

If the pegs are too short then rear pegs from a Super Tenere can be installed, they are longer and have a rubber grip. The GT has longer rear peg mounts which position the pegs lower and allow for more leg room, the peg mounts are interchangeable.image.jpeg.73083e03c099b0958b55227123082c4f.jpeg

2019 Tracer GT,  Ontario, Canada

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39 minutes ago, theblade said:

But Yamaha changed the rear subframe on the 18 Tracer, they have made it wider. 

Are you talking about the actual foot peg or the entire mounting arm that bolts to the frame?

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