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Help Me Understand This R&G Issue

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Hey gang,

I'd like your opinions about an email exchange I am having with R&G about their engine covers.

I asked them about reports I'd read of their replacement bolts stripping / breaking during cover install.  Here is the email response I got:

Hi Chris, 
This is not an issue as our bolts are made of a softer metal and they don’t need to me tightened to the manufacturers specs. 
Kind Regards,
Liam Gormley
01420 89007
Racing Technique Ltd t/a R&G
Unit 1, Shelleys Lane
East Worldham
Alton, Hampshire
GU34 3AQ

So he is saying no need to torque new engine cover bolts too Yamaha spec when installing R&G covers.  The result is then uneven torque on the piece under the cover.

Does this sound a bit strange to you folks?? 

1968 Triumph Bonneville 650
1971 Norton Commando Roadster
2002 Harley 1200 Sportster
2003 Honda ST 1300
2016 FJ 09
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