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my preload settings 195 lb. rider as an FYI


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Just set up my spring preloads as per "recommended methods", and thought I would share what I discovered as "optimal" settings for front and rear spring preload.  Maybe one day someone will find this a bit helpful.

Bike is brand new, zero miles.

I weigh 195 lbs.  I measured wheel travel (compression travel) while sitting down on bike, and compared to factory wheel travel specs.

I targeted 30% compression linear travel (suspension compresses 30% of full travel when rider weight is added.) (I started with baseline measurements with wheels off the ground)

Rear:  5 full turns in (clockwise) from fully backed off (full CCW)     (full span of adjustment is ~ 13 turns)   (the sweet black adjustor knob)

Forks:  9 full turns in        "              "        "         "           "        "       "    "      (full span of adjustment is ~ 16 turns)  


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Well the settings are inherently just preliminary until I get her out. I will want the ride to be a bit on the soft side due to back problems.  The damping settings I set around 60% for now.  They wont get dialed in for  another 4 or 5 looong months. 

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Good info, is that 195 pounds with gear?  I'm 175 plus gear and don't think I have that much on the front but about the same on the rear.  I'm pretty happy with where I am on setting now.  When I load up and go touring will stiffen the back up a fair amount and the front somewhat.  Bought my bike in South Dakota while on a trip (trip turned adventure), literally rode it out of the dealer with stock settings, fully loaded, 110 miles back to where I was staying.  Put 600 miles on it, had it serviced then headed home.  On the 1,400 mile trip home I realized hadn't adjusted preload so set them to the full settings from the manual.  When I got home and unloaded the bike was so stiff I couldn't get the rear to bounce at all!  Since I've softened it up and am a little harder than the "stock" settings with a bit more compression and rebound - 1 or 2 clicks more.  It does OK for me and handles very nicely.  Read too many postings and it has taken me a while to get confidence in the front but it sticks very nicely.  LOL Ive tried to bounce the front in my garage and usually don't have much success.

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