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  1. If you run it at idle in first gear on the kickstand you should be ok but if you speed up you will likely get an error code. What part of MSGA are you? I'm in east Tor but in the Cawthra Lakeshore area most Thursday mornings and you could borrow my cable if needed.
  2. I have a 2019 and it's been doing the same since it was new. The 2 Yamaha bikes I had before this one always started instantly even after sitting over the winter. Shortly after getting the Tracer I took it to the dealer and left it with them for a few days and they couldn't find a problem and they handed me a bill for diagnostic work. Showed them a video of the long crank time and they said it didn't look to bad and was probably normal. Contacted Yamaha and they said take it to the dealer to check if there is something wrong. The funny thing is after I added leads to the battery for a battery tender for a month or two after the bike started up right away without the long cranking. Eventually though the long cranking came back. It only happens after the bike has sat for a few days between starting. I let the fuel pump fully prime, tried opening the fuel cap before starting, left the bike on a battery tender during the down time, try to use non ethanol premium fuel, checked to make sure the battery terminals are tight and the bike is kept in a garage. After sitting for a few days I have to crank for 3 to 5 seconds to start. After that it starts up immediately until the next time it has sat for a few days. If you find a cure please share.
  3. Could it be a partially blocked fuel tank breather hose causing a slight fuel starvation issue? Could it be the breather hose on the bottom of the air cleaner box? Both of these could have been compromised when you moved the fuel tank and air box to perform the throttle body sync.
  4. Is it on the right hand side? It is most likely the shift indicator light telling you when to a higher gear.
  5. Do you have any tips for separating the inner panel from the outer panel without breaking the tabs trying to remove the toothed washers?
  6. You made the right choice getting a replacement for the one the fell over. Good luck with your new ride. Enjoy.
  7. Good call. Like you it would bother me every time I'd walk up to the bike. Good luck with your replacement.
  8. If you have the paint code try an Automotive paint supply store in your area and see if they can mix some up for you. You should be able to get it in a spray can or in a paint can so you can apply it with a touch up brush. They can mix it up single stage (shiny finish) or two stage that you apply a clear coat on top. It will be hard to get a perfect match but the two stage might be closer. When I got it for the car in Toronto it costs around $27 for either a 11 OZ spray can or 1/2 pint can for touching up with a brush.
  9. Rovari when you pick up your bike you should get a paper copy of the owners manual. Until then you can download the 2019 version of the owners manual and it will show you the the operation of the TFT screen.
  10. 1. No difference between the 19 and 20's 2 I have a stock 2019 and happy with it the way it came. I'm sure a suspension upgrade would improve the ride but it's never stopped me from wanting the go for a ride and push it through the turns. The stock seat is not the greatest but better than other bikes I have owned. The windscreen causes a loud roar at speed and can be bothersome and the placement of the ignition key makes it awkward to get at with gloves on. Despite this a twist of the wrist usually puts a big smile on my face. 3. It's hard to make a recommendation without seeing the 2021 in person however I don't think I could get past that split instrument cluster and the $2000 price increase has put it to a point where I would be looking at other bikes that I wouldn't have when I bought my Tracer. If you haven't sat on a Tracer yet you should try and do so. I believe your NC750 has a lower seat height and at 5' 8' you might find flat footing it on the Tracer a challenge.
  11. Transport Canada has issued a recall notice for different models including the 2019/20 Tracer GT to fix a brake switch defect that can also cause the Cruise Control to not work or turn off. Recall Details
  12. Ordered mine on July 26th and it arrived exactly 2 weeks later at my door in Toronto.
  13. Is $11500 for the GT model or the standard version? If you are thinking of getting one you should consider the GT with cruise control, quick shifter and TFT dash. Your FZ6 (not the FZ6R) is a great bike. I had one for a few years and put many enjoyable miles on it. I don't notice any significant free play in the throttle on my Tracer and as soon as you twist it it gets up and goes. The difference between the Tracer and your FZ6 is on the Tracer there is power everywhere where as on the FZ6 it really starts to kick in after 6000 RPM. I'm surprised you found the Tracer more jerky, the FZ6 is not the smoothest bike on the market. A simple fix on the Tracer is to put it in B mode, I ride in Standard mode most of the time and love it. I'm 6' 1' and also find it a challenge to get a leg over the bike with bags on and ride without them most of the time. At 5' 6" I would think it would be even more challenging and probably similar for you on most bikes with bags attached. If your riding is not enough to justify getting one I would recommend getting the most out of your FZ6 for now and when ready check out all the bikes that are available in the style you like.
  14. Welcome and congrats on the new bike. What area of France are you from?