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  1. I went ahead and ordered the replacement cable today. Thanks again for the heads up.
  2. Thanks for the heads up @betony. Should I have it replaced? Is it any easy fix?
  3. Where did you send your ECU to have it flashed? Cost? Forgive my silly question. I was on my phone and didn't realize you had answered said question.
  4. MZS brake and clutch levers. Cheap ($27 on ebay) and easy mod. Not sure if I like the short clutch lever quite yet. I do like the look though.
  5. Cosmo GPS holder from ebay. Perfect position right above speedo.
  6. Cosmo radiator guard. Just received today. Will put on soon. Thanks to betoney for the suggestion.
  7. My first little ride outside the Memphis area. Nice 90 mile roundtrip up to Brownsville, TN through Somerville, TN and back home. It was warm but quite windy. Couple of places I felt like the bike was going to leave the ground!
  8. That's good then. I bought the 7/8. Haven't used it yet though
  9. Hey Donk, did you get the 7/8 or the 1 inch Go Cruise?
  10. Believe me I know! This makes the third Yamaha I have owned. 2007 FZ6, then 2006 FZ1. Both red! And they both received much of my paychecks!