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Riding ready.......

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There is a quote by Bruce Lee that goes like this........”A martial artist is not tense nor relaxed but ready”.  

I did a track day after years away from the track. Got the suspension upgraded on my 04 R1 and had the track side guy set it  up. 

I mentioned to him that I wasnt ready for a full day of his services........because of me being so rusty, I didnt know what I was feeling the bike doing was me or the bike. 

That it seemed to handle better when I was riding relaxed. He just laughed....goes yep.......some handling issues go away when that happens. 

When Im in that ready mode, when I only react when needed, with the right about of reaction for the moment.....there is no difference between me, the bike or the road, it is a feeling of oneness. 

I need a ride.......


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Then theres race mode.......unless you have experienced this, its hard to explain. 

Its the next level of riding. Race mode....your mind is clear of all dangers, there are no thoughts about “what ifs”.

I had a riding buddy that was a ex AFM fast guy. One of our favorite rides was going up 9 out of Saratoga to 35 He always had to lead just to show me how fast he could go up.

This particular ride was on a Monday after I had just spent 3 days of racing. I was still in race mode.

We got to the “starting point” and I pinned it, went by him like he was standing still. 

My only goal was to get to the corners as fast as I could, go through them as fast as I could......didnt give any thoughts to crashing or the dangers of street riding.

Never looked in my mirrors.....just riding a bit below race pace.

Got to the top where 9 meets 35 and stopped to wait for him to catch up. It was a good 30 secs before he showed up. 

His first words......”You feel better. You were making me work but couldnt keep up.” 

Thats race mode.....

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