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Highway Pegs

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I need advice from the hive mind. I bought these super nice highway pegs from R&G https://assets2.rg-racing.com/Images/files/Fitting-Instructions/Highway Pegs/HWP0002-FITTING-INSTRUCTIONS.pdf


I have SW-Motech bars that I’ve attached them to. I thought they would be a perfect fit but they are not. The bars are roughly.05” to big in diameter. So I ended up buying some longer bolts so I could “clamp” them on and they seem stout enough but they are cutting into the bars some. 

Any worries or suggestions that you might have?




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Not a response to the OP... but the thread title works. 😛

I have been eyeing Moto Werk peg mounts for some time... and I finally pulled the trigger. These put an end to my quest for leg comfort on longer rides.

The kit is very well made, configurable and works great with the Givi bars, which are shaped differently on each side of the bike. The pegs (not included in the kit) land very evenly in height and distance relative to main pegs... not too forward and/or too high... but just right. They are Amazon variety... 8mm mount, drilled out and tapped to M10 x 1.5. The mounts accept 10mm or 3/8" bolts.

My knees very, very approve. 😁



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On 2/7/2023 at 2:20 PM, Aged Flyer said:

Just wondering how (piotrek) was able to purchase the Moto Werk  highway peg mounts, they're web page says they do'nt ship outside the USA to Canada.

Hmm.... I see that now. Lucky me I guess. Shoot them an email and ask anyway.


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