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Tracer 9 GT side case on Tracer 900 GT?

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Not simply.  The mounting setup isn't the same.  I haven't seen the side cases, mind you, only the tail of the bike, but it was one of my first observations there than the T9 lacked the side case mounts that the 900 has. 

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Thanks Wintersdark. About what I expected. Arrrrgh....

I can live with my current side cases, but they are so small for the volume they have. Wish they were taller.


Do you know if any other side cases are available that use the Tracer 900 attach hardware vs going with something like Givi?

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Depending on your needs, you may be better off buying aftermarket cases.

I have some 37-liter SW-Motech Trek cases on my BMW F800GT.  Even though they are almost twice the size of the factory cases, they don't seem to impact fuel mileage any.  And I love the extra space I get.

One additional benefit is when you sell your bike, keep the cases and use them on the next bike.  You'll still have to buy mounting hardware, but you've saved a major portion of the cost of buying side cases.


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Hi @mferring - The other options is to use FJR factory bags, as they mount up exactly the same as the FJ & Tracer city bags.  The body of the bag is exactly the same, but the FJR lids are much deeper…. On the bike, the bags would be wider, but not any taller.   Not sure if that would address what you need, but might be worth looking into.  

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